OÜ Efields was founded in 1998. The owners have longstanding experience in the forestry and bio-energy sectors. OÜ Efields has been operating as a biofuels producer and distributor as part of the Bulk Trade OÜ group. In the new market situation, a decision was made to change from a resource user to a resource producer. In other words, the company’s objective is to produce raw materials for biofuel and heat producers and, where possible, to refine and enhance its own products. As its product, OÜ Efields chose tall wheatgrass, one of the characteristics of which is that its composition is similar to sawdust or woodchips from coniferous trees.

OÜ Efields currently leases about 2000 hectares of fields in Estonia. The plans are to increase the area under cultivation to at least 5000 hectares. This would ensure minimum annual energy sales of 350 GWh, which would make us a reliable supplier for customers.

OÜ Efields is the authorized Baltic representative of Agropyron Elongatum—tall wheatgrass.
Important: This crop is a variety that has been placed under plant variety protection in the European Union (register code 20050499) and as a result, conformity with Council Regulation 2100/94/EC and other European Union and Estonian legal acts is obligatory.
The crop rights are protected until 2032.